Commitment to Quality

Laminated Tubes fits for packaging of all semi-solid preparations like: Creams, Lotions, Gels, Cosmetics, etc.

ISO And BRC certified

MTM is ISO and BRC certified company. We take pleasure to serve your requirements of Customized orders as this will be a TAILOR MADE product and can be made as per your requirements.

Applying advanced technology and high quality Raw materials, rendering them in compliance to international standards.


To be the first choice in the field of Laminated Tubes industry compared to quality, reputation and revenue.


To presents the requirements of customers looking for quality, relying on accumulated experience and modern technology.


We are committed to high quality, accumulated experience, modern technology and clean environment.
Our Story

Misr International for Tube Manufacturing (MTM). A share Holding Company established for Tube manufacturing. It has been  founded by Mipco and STS owners.
MTM produces various tube sizes and shapes for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Packaging.


  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • Team Work 93% 93%
  • Quality 91% 91%
  • Customer satisfaction 90% 90%
Our Culture, Our Staff , Our Success
Here at our company, our staff are our valuable power. We believe that the combination of highly qualified people with a high tech, learning and rewarding atmosphere, combined with our collaborative approach, inspires excellence in everything we do.
That’s why it’s essential for us to create an environment for our staff to enjoy their work and progress their careers at the same time.
“ We intend to provide our customers with the premium experience from beginning to end with a smart service, clear and fixable communications , and fast, quality delivery for their products. MR. MOHSEN A. EL-BELHASSY


” Beyond the scope of common standards, our experienced staff provides know-how manners  in creating the premium quality tube. We believe in deep collaboration and integration of our groups. ENG. HOSSAM WAGEH


” We own the knowledge, and control the technologies behind our products, but participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution. We don’t settle for anything less than excellence. ENG. MOHAMED KAMAL


Laminate tubes are among preferred packaging alternatives that present ease of use during their periods of consumption.