Commitment to Quality

Laminated Tubes fits for packaging of all semi-solid preparations like: Creams, Lotions, Gels, Cosmetics, etc.

ISO And BRC certified

MTM is ISO and BRC certified company. We take pleasure to serve your requirements of Customized orders as this will be a TAILOR MADE product and can be made as per your requirements.
Considerable per cent of plastic tubes  go into the cosmetics sector. The outlook for this market segment continues to be good. Depending on the contents, aluminum, laminate or plastic tubes are used in the cosmetics industry.

 Main cosmetics products are hair colorants, hair care, skin care preparations, and soap and other cleaners. And not forgetting shaving cream.
With its outstanding properties, the tube scores in particular in the cosmetics sector, where constituents are sometimes expensive: exact dosage, economical in use and precise application thanks to practical closures and special dispenser solutions. With roller-ball systems and other intelligent solutions available for an improved and more direct effect. In addition, the tube is very hygienic and well protected against product counterfeiting.